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Supporting Cast: A Man and His - You Know The Rest, or do You?
"Two Detectives for Transhuman Space"
- By Eric Funk

This Supporting Cast article began as example PCs for an Adventure Pizza/CiaB. These two are balanced 75cp adventurers who can easily be upgraded to 100cp adventurers with the addition of 25cp of advantages or martial arts skills.
For GURPS, Third Edition.

The Detectives: Private Eyes in the Public Eye

Edward Donald Baxter, a.k.a. "Eddi": What everyone knows (or can know with a quick search)
Human, has a good reputation for finding lost persons, although his methods are not well understood. In a stroke of luck, he has managed to rescue some high-profile celebrities where others could not.

What everyone doesn't know, but may find out by talking to them Eddi was trained in security-related skills by a company that went bankrupt*. A bug in his last sleep-teaching course accidentally added the Honesty disadvantage, and shredded his active memories from that moment backward. (The more recent the memory, the less chance he had of remembering it.) He still had feelings associated with faces and objects, but couldn't remember anything. He was discharged with a severance bonus and began studying psychology and memetics to try to regain his memories. After some discouraging failures, a therapist suggested he adopt an infomorph. The two hit it off, and used the remaining bonus to start his very own detective firm. He managed to gain his independence by getting a very visible case (saving a Children's Slinky star). He is getting by with a trust fund that was set up with a combination of reward money and the last of his severance pay.
*That's the official story and what he believes. It was run by the same board of directors that now runs the local EvilCorp affiliate.

What can be found if he is honestly befriended (or interrogated)

This has helped him keep from disappearing with the old company. He has never met his old employers in person, and doesn't know who they are now, but suspects they are plotting against him. Eddi is still making child-support payments on a child-raising contract he signed with a woman ten years ago, increased because he forfeited his involvement (due to increased workload, he said to his lawyer). Much to his chagrin, the costs of raising the child are only increasing. He's growing more concerned (correctly) that "they" are preparing to use his "family" to get to him soon. Eddi has an artificial leg with two power holsters, and doesn't remember where he got it. One holster holds an electrolaser pistol, and the other a police armgun (currently empty).

SAI # 0324325-33, a.k.a. "Sal"

Eddi's partner takes the form of a canine cybershell and pretends to be a LAI when others are around. Sal is saving up to buy a more up-to-date body, but is not yet sure about what form. The government file describes the infomorph as "A poor, immigrant SAI that was rescued during a Customs raid". Technically Eddi is his legal guardian, although if Sal tried to leave, he wouldn't get in the way. Sal was "born" in 2090, yet has only been awake for two years. Impetuous, the youthful program often jumps into situations without thinking things through, and is thus developing a problem with shyness.

The day-to-day operations of the office are handled by the LAI secretary, Jennie, who came free as part of the office rental.

Eddi; human male 5'9" [75]

ST 10 [0]; DX 12 [20]; IQ 13 [30]; HT 10 [0]
Advantages: Genefixed Human [0]; Ally (Sal) [0]; Contacts (Law enforcement officer; somewhat reliable) [5]; Luck [15]; Permanent Nanomod (Panimmunity 2) [5]; Reputation +2 [5] (Honest); Wealth (Comfortable) [10]; Wealth (Independent) [5].
Disadvantages: Amnesia (Partial) [-10]; Dependent (Daughter-Loved one, rare) [-16]; Honesty [-5]; Secret Enemy [-10].
Quirks: Distrusts Sleep Teachers; Doesn't like to talk about his family; Tries to avoid interpersonal relationships until his old employers are found; Won't take jobs from large companies; Nosy [-5].
Skills: Area Knowledge-13 [1]; Beam Weapons (Electrolaser)-13* [1/2]; Body Language-10 [1/2]; Computer Operation-12 [1/2]; Diplomacy-13 [4]; Electronics Operation (Security Systems)-11 [1/2]; Electronics Operation (Sensors)-11 [1/2]; Fast-Draw (Pistol)-11 [1/2]; Fast-Talk-12 [1]; Forensics-10 [1/2]; Free Fall-10 [1/2]; Guns (Missile)-13* [1/2]; Karate-10 [1]; Law-10 [1/2]; Meditation (M/H)-11 [1/2]; Memetics-12 [2]; Merchant-12 [1/2]; Psychology-12 [2]; Research-13 [4]; Savoire-Faire-12 [1/2]; Shadowing-12 [1/2]; Shortsword-10 [1/2]; Streetwise-13 [2]; Vacc Suit-11 [1/2].
* Includes +2 bonus for IQ.
Languages: English (Native)-13 [0]; Spanish-11 [1/2].
Equipment: (Total: $15,000 in adventuring, $48,000 home).
Adventuring Gear: Arachnoweave Vest with IFF Transponder (1 lb, $250); Bandage Spray (0.1 lb, $15); Chemscanner (2 lbs, $1,000); Electrolaser Pistol with IFF interrogator, smartgrip, and recognition pad ($1,900); Field Scanner (2 lbs, $1,000); Intertial Compass (0.5 lb, $125); IR communicator (1/4 lbs, $130); Newshawk/7-6 (p. PF61) (5 lbs, $2,320); Laser Listening Device (Obsolete -50%, 500y) ($300); (Light Nanoweave Armor (with IFF, suit usually at home) (15 lbs, $500); Mini Armoury Toolkit (2 lbs, $400); Mini Electronics Toolkit (2 lbs, $400); Mini Mechanic Toolkit (2 lbs, $400); Sensor Gloves (0.2 lbs, $2,000); Short-Range Laser Communicator (1.3 lbs, $312); Short-Range Radio Communicator (1/4 lb, $25); Teleview Optics x4 (1.5 lbs, $1,200) Software on implant: 3D social telepresence ($200); Deluxe VR program ($500); Custom Avatar ($20); Database (City map) (10$); Database (Detective) (100$); HUD Targetting ($250); Mugshot ($100) (Second license of all for Sal: $1,170).
Spare "Adventuring" cash: $153.
Invested: .
In Sal: Dog Cybershell with mainframe (less 70cp, -$1,750) ($21,250); Installed: Electrolaser Pistol with IFF interrogator ($1,900); Short-Range Laser Communicator (1.3 lbs, $312); Teleview Optics (0.75 lbs, $600) In Self: Memswear Outfits (varicloth) ($400); Nanomorphic Tatoos (2) ($1,000); Permanent Pore Cleaner Nanomods ($500); Permanent Tooth Cleaner Nanomods ($1,000); Permanent Nanomod (Digtital Hair) ($5,000); Permanent Nanomod (Panimmunity 2)($5,000); Tetrachromatism (see p. ItW99) ($4,000); VII Implant (incl. surgery) ($4,800).
Spare Invested: $2,238 in home and child care payments..
Eddi is a balanced character, ready to be a zero-point Ally. If expecting a brawl, he would be wearing a suit of dark-colored "sport" light nanoweave armor. The Newshawk is usually given orders by Sal.

Sal; SAI-7 alive 2 years, older legacy code 10 years old [75]

ST 10; DX 10; IQ 9; HT 10 .
Advantages: SAI-7; IQ 9 [65]; Cyberdog shell Complexity 7 (see p. TS:FW121, remove Claws, Sharp Teeth, reduce HT and DX to 10 (to represent age and a civilian model), add Post-Combat Shakes (to represent overload of old combat systems.) ) [34]; Ally (Eddi) [0].
Disadvantages: Curious [-10]; Impulsiveness [-10]; Selfless [-10]; Shyness [-10] (May also have "racial" Social Stigma in some areas).
Quirks: Pretends to be a LAI when around unfamiliar people; Uneasy around law enforcement officers; Collects civilian spyplanes for surveillance work; Enjoys showing up street card sharks; Likes listening to the advice of elder SAIs [-5].
Skills: Area Knowledge-10 [1]; Beam Weapons (Electrolaser)-9 [1/2]; Body Language-8 [1]; Brawling-9 [1/2]; Chemistry-8 [1]; Computer Operation-12 [free with SAI]; Conspiracy Theory-7 [1]; Diplomacy-10 [2]; Electronics Operation (Robots)-11 [1]; Electronics Operation (Sensors)-11 [1]; Forensics-9 [1]; Free Fall-7 [1]; Gambling (Cardsharking)-12/6 [1/2]; History-7 [1]; Law-7 [1]; Memetics-9* [1/2]; Physics-7 [1/2]; Research-10 [2]; Savoire-Faire-10 [2]; Shadowing-8 [1/2]; Streetwise-8 [1]; Tracking-8 [1].
*Includes the bonus from SAI Template.
Sal is a balanced character, ready to be a zero-point Ally. If threatened in the cybershell, Sall will take a defensive, growling pose between Eddi and the foe. When Sal comes of age, the Dead Broke disadvantage will have to be bought off.

Adventure Seeds

Doggie Bag
Sal is looking for a humanoid body. Perhaps the only one available was previously owned, and, unbeknownst to the duo, "laundered", with an undocumented VII puppet implant. Now the old body, still registered to Eddi and Sal, escapes and they're trying to find it. Even worse, it could be the new one that is stolen!

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© August 2003 by Eric Funk

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