Greetings Friends, Associates, and Masters from afar,

We at this academy welcome you to the first of a series of analyses. By now, you should all have received your new hardbound spell lists, and brought them up to date.

A few changes to note are that a person's Strong Will no longer helps against spells that are resisted by vigor (HT), agility (DX), might (ST), or even pure intellect (IQ). Note that, barring illusions, the number resisted by pure intellect is small, and thus it is the sum of one's Will that resists most intelligence-based spells. The "Shape" spells now only take one second to cast instead of 30.

Of economic concern, especially to those of us that enjoy traveling, is the preservation of food. There are a few direct ways, which include the spells Dehydrate and Distill, and of course Preserve Food and Essential Food. Purify Food is a last-resort spell, reducing the amount of matter. These spells do not protect the rations from pests or the elements. There are some spells from a variety of Colleges that can help in this regard. A container prepared with Destroy Air or Devitalize Air can help, as can Flesh to Stone, Entombment, Arboreal Immurement, Suspended Animation, and Timeslip Other. With appropriate warning labels, Poison Food can keep down pests.

Archmages cannot make "Deceptive Attacks" to trade skill vs. foe's defense (see p. B 369), they must contend with the Rule of 16 (see p. B 349). Note that the energy cost for stopping a spell early is not a magical energy cost, and is not refilled in a Very High Mana area, thus can be recovered by the Fit advantage and does not deplete "Spellcasting Only" Fatigue.

Magic Missile Ranges
191Acid Ball20401Magery1d
26Concussion204012×Magery1d cr per 2"Explosive," stunning
75Explosive Fireball255012×Magery1d burn per 2Explosive
196Explosive Lightning5010032×Magery1d-1 burn per 2Explosive
74Fireball25501Magery1d burn
188Ice Dagger30603Magery1d-1 imp
186Ice Sphere40802Magery1d cr
196Lightning501003Magery1d-1 burn
144Poltergeist20401-Spec1d cr or 1d+1 cr
32Spider Silkn/a5/pt3--Special
52Stone Missile40802Magery1d+1 cr
114Sunbolt751502Magery1d-1 burn
128Throw Spelln/a801--Damage per spell
145Winged Knife2040---1d+1 thr or 2d+1 sw