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M86-87 + Nouns "Gate", "Time"
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Book Spell Name Runes
Magic Accuracy Control Magic
Magic Activate Runes Transform Magic
Magic Age Weaken Body
Magic Air-golem Move Air
Magic Air Jet Move Air
Magic Alarm Warn Body
Magic Alertness Sense Body
Magic Alter Body Transform Body
Magic Alter Visage Create Illusion
Magic Analyze Magic Sense Magic
Magic Ancient History Know Image
Magic Animate Plant Move Plant
Magic Animation Control Magic
Magic Apportation Move Air
Magic Armor Protect Body
Magic Aura Sense Mind
Magic Avoid Warn Mind
Magic Awaken Heal Mind
Magic Bane Transform Magic
Magic Banish Move Body Gate
Magic Banquet Transform Mind
Magic Beast Link Transform Mind
Magic Beast Possession Transform Mind
Magic Beast Seeker Sense Animal
Magic Beast-Soother Communicate Animal
Magic Beast Speech Communicate Animal
Magic Beast Summoning Communicate Animal
Magic Berserker Transform Mind
Magic Bird Control Control Animal
Magic Bless Create Magic
Magic Bless Plants Heal Plants
Magic Blink Move Body Gate
Magic Blur Control Illusion
Magic Body Of Air Transform Body Air
Magic Body Of Stone Transform Body Stone
Magic Body of Water Transform Body Water
Magic Borrow Language Communicate Mind
Magic Borrow Skill Sense Mind body
Magic Bravery Strengthen Mind
Magic Breathe Air Transform Body
Magic Breathe Fire Create Fire
Magic Breathe Water Transform Body
Magic Charm Control Mind
Magic Clean Move Earth
Magic Climbing Move Body
Magic Clouds Create/Weaken Water
Magic Clumsiness Weaken Body
Magic Cold Weaken Fire
Magic Colors Create Light
Magic Compel Truth Control Mind
Magic Complex Illusion Control Illusion Sound
Magic Conceal Magic Protect Magic
Magic Continual Light Create Light
Magic Control Creation Control Magic
Magic Control Elemental Control Mind (element)
Magic Control Illuision Control Illusion (Sound)
Magic Control Person Control Mind
Magic Control Zombie Control Necromancy
Magic Cook Create Fire / Transform Food
Magic Copy Sense Illusion
Magic Conucopia Create Earth
Magic Counterspell Control Magic
Magic Create Air Create Air
Magic Create Animal Create Animal
Magic Create Earth Create Earth
Magic Create Elemental Move Necro
Magic Create Fire Create Fire
Magic Create Food Transform Food
Magic Create Object Control illusion
Magic Create Plant Create Plant
Magic Create Servant Create Necro
Magic Create Warrior Create Necro
Magic Create Water Create Water
Magic Crystal Ball Sense Illusion
Magic Cure Disease Heal Body
Magic Curse Weaken Magic
Magic Curse-Missile Move Magic
Magic Dancing Weapon Move Earth/Plant
Magic Darkness Create Darkness
Magic Dark Vision Transform/Control Body
Magic Daze Control Mind
Magic Deathtouch Decay Body
Magic Death Vision Sense Necro
Magic Decay Decay Earth
Magic Deflect Protect/Move Earth/Magic
Magic Dehydrate Decay Water
Magic Delay Control Magic
Magic Delayed Message Sense Light
Magic Destroy Air Decay Air
Magic Destroy Water Decay Water
Magic Detect Magic Sense Magic
Magic Dexterity Transform Body
Magic Disintegrate Decay Earth
Magic Dispel Creation Decay Illusion
Magic Dispel Illusion Decay Illusion
Magic Dispel Magic Decay Magic
Magic Distill Decay Water
Magic Divination Sense Illusion
Magic Drain Mana Decay Magic
Magic Drunkeness Transform Body
Magic Dye Transform Light
Magic Earthquake Move Earth
Magic Earth to Air Transform Earth Air
Magic Earth to Stone Decay Water
Magic Earth Vision Sense Earth
Magic Emotional Control Control Mind
Magic Enchant Control Magic
Magic Enslave Control Mind
Magic Entombment Move Body
Magic Essential Flame Create Fire Magic
Magic Essential Water Create Water Magic
Magic Ethereal Body Transform Body Magic
Magic Exchange Bodies Move Mind
Magic Exorcism Decay Necro
Magic Explosive Fireball Create Fire Move Magic
Magic Extinguish Fire Decay Fire
Magic False Memory Control/Transform Mind
Magic Far-Hearing Transform Body / Alter Sound
Magic Fatigue Decay Body
Magic Fear Control Mind
Magic Ferment Transform Food
Magic Find Direction Sense Earth
Magic Find Weakness Sense Decay Earth
Magic Fireball Create Fire Move
Magic Fireproof Decay Fire / Protect Fire
Magic Fish Control Control Animal
Magic Flame Jet Create Fire
Magic Flaming Missiles Create Fire
Magic Flaming Weapon Create Fire
Magic Flash Create Light
Magic Flesh to Stone Transform Body Stone
Magic Flight Move Body
Magic Fog Create Water
Magic Foolishness Control/Transform Mind
Magic Force Dome Protect Magic
Magic Forest Warning Warn Plant
Magic Forgetfulness Control/Transform Mind
Magic Fortify Protect Magic
Magic Freeze Decay Fire / Transform Water
Magic Frost Decay Fire
Magic Frostbite Decay Fire / Transform Body
Magic Geyser Create Water
Magic Gift of Letters Sense Illusion
Magic Gift of Tongues Communicate/Sense Mind
Magic Glass Wall Sense Earth Plant
Magic Glue Transform Air
Magic Golem Create Magic/Necro
Magic Great Geas Transform Mind
Magic Great Haste Move Body
Magic Great Voice Strengthen Sound
Magic Great Ward Protect/Control Magic
Magic Great Wish Create Magic
Magic Hail Create Water
Magic Halt Aging Decay/Heal Necro
Magic Haste Move Body
Magic Hawk Flight Move Body
Magic Hawk Vision Transform Body
Magic Heal Plant Heal Plant
Magic Heat Create Fire
Magic Hex Control Magic
Magic Hide Decay Light
Magic Hide Path Control Plant
Magic Hide Thoughts Control/Transform Mind
Magic Hideaway Control Magic Gate
Magic Hinder Move/Transform Body
Magic History Sense Light Time
Magic Hush Control/Transform Sound
Magic Ice Dagger Create Water Move
Magic Ice Slick Create Water
Magic Ice Sphere Create Water Move
Magic Ice Vision Sense Water
Magic Icy Weapon Decay Fire
Magic Identify Plant Sense Plant
Magic Identify Spell Sense Magic
Magic Ignite Fire Create Magic
Magic Illusion Disguise Control Illusion
Magic Illusion Shell Control Illusion
Magic Independence Create Necro
Magic Infravision Transform Body
Magic Insect Control Control Animal
Magic Instant Regeneration Heal Body
Magic Instant Restoration Heal Body
Magic Invisible Wizard Ear Sense Sound
Magic Invisible Wizard Eye Sense Eye
Magic Invisibility Transform Light
Magic Iron Arm Transform Body
Magic Itch Control Body
Magic Keen Ears Transform Body / Strengthen Sound
Magic Keen Eyes Transform Body
Magic Keen Nose Transform Body
Magic Knots Move Earth / Plant / Animal
Magic Know Illusion Sense Illusion
Magic Lend Health Transform Body
Magic Lend Language Communicate Mind
Magic Lend Skill Communicate Mind
Magic Lend Strength Transform Body
Magic Lesser Geas Transform Mind
Magic Lesser Wish Create Magic
Magic Levitation Control/Move Air
Magic Light Create Light
Magic Light Jet Create Light
Magic Lighten Create Magic
Magic Lighten Burden Move Body
Magic Lightning Transform/Create Air Magic Move
Magic Limit Control Magic
Magic Link Control Magic
Magic Lockmaster Control Earth
Magic Locksmith Control Earth
Magic Loyal Sword Control Air
Magic Loyalty Control Mind
Magic Madness Control/Transform Mind
Magic Magelock Control Air
Magic Mage Sense Sense Magic
Magic Mage Sight Sense Magic
Magic Mage-Stealth Control/Tranform Sound
Magic Magic Resistance Decay Magic
Magic Major Healing Heal Body
Magic Mammal Control Control Animal
Magic Manipulate Move Earth
Magic Mass Daze Control Mind
Magic Mass Sleep Control Mind
Magic Mass Suggestion Control Mind
Magic Master Control Animal
Magic Measurement Sense Earth (element)
Magic Melt Ice Create Fire
Magic Mental Stun Control/Transform Mind
Magic Might Control/Transform Body
Magic Mindlessness Control/Decay Mind
Magic Mind-Reading Communicate Mind
Magic Mind-Search Communicate/Sense Mind
Magic Mind-Sending Communicate Mind
Magic Minor Healing Heal Body
Magic Missile Shield Protect Body
Magic Mollusk Control Control Animal
Magic Monk's Banquet Control Body/Food
Magic Mystic Mist Create Water / Control Mind
Magic Name Control Magic
Magic Neutralize Poison Heal Body / Transform/Decay Water
Magic Nightingale Warn Earth
Magic Night Vision Control Body
Magic Nightmare Control/Transform Mind
Magic Noise Create Sounds
Magic No-Smell Transform Body
Magic Odor Create Body
Magic Pain Control/Transform Body
Magic Panic Control/Transform Mind
Magic Paralyze Limb Control/Transform Mind Body
Magic Password Control Magic
Magic Pathfinder Sense Earth
Magic Peaceful Sleep Control/Transform Mind
Magic Pentagram Protect Magic
Magic Perfect Illusion Control Illusion
Magic Perm. Forgetfullness Transform Mind
Magic Perm. Madness Transform Mind
Magic Perm. Possession Communicate Mind Body
Magic Persuasion Communicate/Control/Transform Mind
Magic Pestilence Decay Plant
Magic Phantom Flame Control Illusion
Magic Planar Summons Move Necro
Magic Plant Form Transform Body Plant
Magic Plant Growth Heal/Strengthen Plant
Magic Plant Sense Sense Plant
Magic Poison Food Decay Food
Magic Poltergeist Move Air
Magic Possession Control/Communicate Mind
Magic Power Create Magic
Magic Powerstone Transform Magic
Magic Predict Weather Sense (Air/water)
Magic Preserve Food Transform Food/Plant/Animal / Protect Time
Magic Puissance Strengthen Magic
Magic Purify Air Transform Air
Magic Purify Food Tranform/Heal Food
Magic Purify Water Tranform/Heal Food
Magic Quick Draw Move Earth/Plant/Time
Magic Quick March Move Body
Magic Rain Create Water
Magic Rear Vision Create Light
Magic Recover Strength Heal/Strengthen Body
Magic Reflect Control Magic
Magic Reflex Control Magic
Magic Regeneration Heal Body
Magic Rejoin Heal Earth (element)
Magic Remove Curse Decay Magic
Magic Remove Enchantment Decay Magic
Magic Repair Heal Earth (element)
Magic Repair Arrow Heal Earth (element)
Magic Reptile Control Control Animal
Magic Reshape Transform (element)
Magic Resist Cold Control Fire Body
Magic Resist Fire Control Fire Body
Magic Resist Pain Control Body
Magic Restoration Heal Body
Magic Restore Heal Illusion
Magic Restore Mana Heal/Stengthen Magic
Magic Resurrection Heal Body
Magic Reverse Missiles Control Air
Magic Rider Communicate Mind/Animal
Magic Rider Within Communicate Mind/Animal
Magic Rooted Feet Control Body
Magic Roundabout Move Body
Magic Ruin Decay Earth (element)
Magic Sand Jet Create Earth
Magic Scribe Move Air/Earth
Magic Scroll Create Magic
Magic Scryguard Decay Sense Magic
Magic Scrywall Decay Sense Magic
Magic See Invisible Sense Magic
Magic See Secrets Sense Magic
Magic Seek Earth Sense Earth
Magic Seek Food Sense Food
Magic Seek Plant Sense Plant
Magic Seek Water Sense Water
Magic Seeker Sense Body/Mind
Magic Sense Danger Sense Mind
Magic Sense Emotion Sense Mind
Magic Sense Foes Sense Mind
Magic Sense Life Sense Mind/Animal
Magic Sense Spirit Sense Necro
Magic Shape Air Control/Transform Air
Magic Shape Darkness Control/Transform Light
Magic Shape Earth Control/Transform Earth
Magic Shape Fire Control/Transform Fire
Magic Shape Plant Control/Transform Plant
Magic Shape Stone Control/Transform Stone
Magic Shape Water Control/Transform Water
Magic Shapeshifting Control/Transform Body
Magic Shapeshift Others Control/Transform Body
Magic Share Strength Communicate Body
Magic Sharpen Transform Earth
Magic Shatter Decay/Transform Earth
Magic Shatterproof Strengthen/Transform Earth
Magic Shield Control Magic/Air
Magic Sickness Decay/Tranform Body
Magic Silence Decay/Tranform Sound
Magic Simple Illusion Transform Illusion
Magic Skull-Spirit Create Necro
Magic Sleep Control/Transform Mind
Magic Slow Fall Move Body
Magic Snow Create Water Decay
Magic Snow Shoes Control Body Water
Magic Soul Rider Communicate Mind
Magic Sound Create Sound
Magic Sound Jet Create Sound
Magic Sound Vision Sense Sound
Magic Spasm Control Body
Magic Speed Create Magic
Magic Spell Shield Control Magic
Magic Staff Create Magic
Magic Steal Heath Communicate Body
Magic Steal Strength Communicate Body
Magic Steal Youth Communicate Body Necro
Magic Stench Decay Air
Magic Sterilize Decay Necro
Magic Stiffen Transform Earth/Plant
Magic Stone Missile Create Earth Move
Magic Stone to Earth Transform Earth
Magic Stone to Flesh Transform Earth Body
Magic Strike Blind Transform Body
Magic Strike Deaf Transform Body
Magic Strike Dumb Transform Body
Magic Stun Control/Transform Body
Magic Suggestion Control/Transform Mind
Magic Summon Demon Move Necro Gate
Magic Summon Elemental Move Necro Gate
Magic Summon Shade Move Necro
Magic Summon Spirit Move Necro Gate
Magic Suspend Enchantment Control Magic Time
Magic Suspend Animation Control Body Time
Magic Swim Move Body/Water
Magic Tangle Growth Heal/Strengthen Plant
Magic Tanglefoot Control Body
Magic Telepathy Communicate Mind
Magic Teleport Move Body Gate
Magic Teleport Other Move Body Gate
Magic Teleport Shield Decay Move Body Gate
Magic Tell Time Sense Time
Magic Terror Control/Transform Mind
Magic Test Food Sense Food
Magic Thunderclap Create Sound
Magic Total Paralysis Control/Tranform Mind
Magic Trace Sense Mind/Animal/Earth
Magic Truthsayer Sense/Communicate Mind
Magic Turn Zombie Protect/Control Necro
Magic Umbrella Protect/Control Water/Air
Magic Undo Move Earth/Plant
Magic Utter Dome Create/Protect Magic
Magic Vigor Strengthen Body
Magic Voices Create Sound
Magic Volcano Create Fire Earth
Magic Walk on Air Move Body / Transform/Control Air
Magic Walk on Water Move Body / Transform/Control Water
Magic Walk Through Earth Transform/Control Earth
Magic Wall of Silence Control/Transform/Decay Sound
Magic Wallwalker Move Body
Magic Ward Control/Decay Magic
Magic Watchdog Sense/Protect Mind/Animal
Magic Water Jet Create Water
Magic Water to Wine Transform Water / Create Food
Magic Water Vision Sense Water
Magic Weaken Decay/Transform Earth (element)
Magic Weather Dome Protect/Create Magic
Magic Whirlwind Create/Control/Transform Air
Magic Windstorm Create/Control/Transform Air
Magic Winged Knife Create Necro Move
Magic Wisdom Alter Mind/Animal
Magic Wish Create Magic
Magic Wither Limb Decay/Transform Body
Magic Wither Plant Decay/Transform plant
Magic Wizard Ear Sense Sound
Magic Wizard Eye Sense Light
Magic Youth Transform Body/Time
Magic Zombie Create Necro
Grimoire Animal Control Control Animal
Grimoire Accelerate Time Transform Magic
Grimoire Acid Ball Create Transform Water
Grimoire Acid Jet Create Transform Water
Grimoire Agonize Transform Body
Grimoire Air Vision Sense Air
Grimoire Air Vortex Create/Transform Air
Grimoire Alter Terrain Transform Earth (/Plant)
Grimoire Alter Voice Transform Body
Grimoire Ambidexterity Transform/Strengthen Body
Grimoire Amulet Create/Transform Magic
Grimoire Animate Machine Create Necro
Grimoire Animate Object Create Necro
Grimoire Animate Shadow Create Necro / Transform Light
Grimoire Astral Block Protect Magic/Necro
Grimoire Astral Vision Sense Magic/Necro
Grimoire Awaken Computer Create Necro
Grimoire Balance Transform Body
Grimoire Ball of Lightning Create/Transform Air Move
Grimoire Beacon Sense Magic
Grimoire Beast-Rouser Control Animal
Grimoire Bladeturning Move Magic
Grimoire Blight Decay Plant
Grimoire Blink Other Move Body Gate
Grimoire Block Move Earth/Plant
Grimoire Body of Algae Transform Body Plant
Grimoire Body of Flames Transform Body Fire
Grimoire Body of Ice Transform Body Water
Grimoire Body of Lightning Transform Body Air
Grimoire Body of Metal Transform Body Earth
Grimoire Body of Shadow Transform Body Light
Grimoire Body of Wind Transform Body Air
Grimoire Body of Wood Transform Body Plant
Grimoire Body-Reading Sense Body
Grimoire Boil Water Create Fire / Transform Water
Grimoire Boost (Attribute) Transform/Strengthen Body
Grimoire Boost Dexterity Transform/Strengthen/Move Body
Grimoire Boost Health Transform/Strengthen Body
Grimoire Boost Strength Transform/Strengthen Body
Grimoire Breathe Steam Create Water Fire
Grimoire Bright Vision Transform Body/Light
Grimoire Burning Death Create Fire Body
Grimoire Burning Touch Create Fire
Grimoire Cadence Move Body/Time
Grimoire Catch Missile Move Earth/Plant
Grimoire Catch Spell Move Magic
Grimoire Charge Powerstone Create/Move Magic
Grimoire Choke Move/Transform Body
Grimoire Cleansing Heal Body
Grimoire Cloud-Vaulting Move Body / Transform Water/Air
Grimoire Cloud-Walking Move Body / Transform Water/Air
Grimoire Command Control/Transform Mind
Grimoire Communication Communicate Mind
Grimoire Compel Lie Control/Transform Mind
Grimoire Conceal Heal/Strengthen Plant
Grimoire Concussion Create Air/Sound Move
Grimoire Condense Steam Decay Fire
Grimoire Conduct Power Move Magic
Grimoire Continual Mage Light Create Light Sense
Grimoire Continual Sunlight Create Light Fire
Grimoire Contract Object Transform (element)
Grimoire Control Gate Control Gate
Grimoire Control Limb Control Body
Grimoire Converse Communicate Mind/Sound
Grimoire Cool Decay Fire
Grimoire Coolness Decay Fire
Grimoire Corpulence Transform Body
Grimoire Create Acid Create Water Transform
Grimoire Create Door Create Gate
Grimoire Create Fuel Create Water Transform
Grimoire Create Gate Create Gate Move
Grimoire Create Ice Create Water Decay
Grimoire Create Mount Create Necro Control
Grimoire Create Steam Create Water Fire
Grimoire Create Well Create Water Magic
Grimoire Cure Addiction Heal/Strengthen/Transform Mind/Body
Grimoire Cure Dehydration Heal Body / Create Water
Grimoire Cure Insanity Heal/Strengthen/Transform Mind/Body
Grimoire Cure Radiation Heal Body
Grimoire Cure Starvation Heal Body / Create Food
Grimoire Current Move Water
Grimoire Dancing Shield Move Metal/Wood
Grimoire Decapitation Transform/Communicate Body Gate
Grimoire Defending Shield Protect Magic Move
Grimoire Defending Weapon Protect Magic Move
Grimoire Deflect Missile Move Earth/Plant
Grimoire Detect Poison Sense Water
Grimoire Devitalize Air Decay Air
Grimoire Disorient Transform Body / Control/Transform Mind
Grimoire Displace Spell Control/Transform Magic
Grimoire Distant Blow Create Gate
Grimoire Divert Teleport Move Gate
Grimoire Divination Sense Time Gate (Other)
Grimoire Doppelganger Create Body Mind
Grimoire Drain Magery Decay Magic Body
Grimoire Draw Power Move Magic
Grimoire Dream Projection Communicate Mind
Grimoire Dream Sending Communicate Mind
Grimoire Dream Viewing Sense Mind
Grimoire Dry Well Decay Water / Move Earth
Grimoire Dull Ears Control/Transform Body / Decay Sound
Grimoire Dull Eyes Control/Transform Body / Decay Light
Grimoire Dull Nose Control/Transform Body
Grimoire Dullness Decay/Control/Transform Mind
Grimoire Duplicate Create (all appropriate elements)
Grimoire Earth to Water Transform Earth Water
Grimoire Echoes of the Past Sense Sound Time
Grimoire Ecstasy Control/Transform Mind/Body
Grimoire Effigy Communicate Magic
Grimoire Electric Armor Create/Transform Air Magic
Grimoire Electric Missiles Create/Transform Air Magic
Grimoire Electric Weapon Create/Transform Air Magic
Grimoire Encrypt Transform/Control Mind
Grimoire Enlarge Object Strengthen/Transform (elements)
Grimoire Enlarge Other Strengthen/Transform Body
Grimoire Enlarge Strengthen/Transform Body
Grimoire Ensorcel Decay Magic
Grimoire Enthrall Control/Transform Mind
Grimoire Essential Acid Create Strengthen Water Transform Magic
Grimoire Essential Air Create Strengthen Air Magic
Grimoire Essential Earth Create Strengthen Earth Magic
Grimoire Essential Food Create Strengthen Food Magic
Grimoire Evisceration Move Body Gate
Grimoire Explode Move (element) Decay
Grimoire Extend Object Transform (element)
Grimoire Extinguish Radiation Decay Magic
Grimoire False Aura Create Mind
Grimoire False Tracks Transform Earth/Plant
Grimoire Far-Feeling Sense Body Gate
Grimoire Far-Tasting Sense Body Gate
Grimoire Fascinate Control/Transform Mind
Grimoire Fast Fire Strengthen/Create Fire
Grimoire Fasten Move Plant/Earth
Grimoire Fire Cloud Create Fire Air
Grimoire Flameturning Protect/Control Fire
Grimoire Flaming Armor Protect/Control Fire
Grimoire Flesh to Ice Transform Body Water
Grimoire Flying Carpet Move Plant/Earth
Grimoire Force Wall Protect Magic
Grimoire Foul Water Decay Water
Grimoire Frailty Decay Body
Grimoire Freedom Strengthen/Move Body
Grimoire Fumble Decay/Control/Transform Body
Grimoire Garble Decay/Transform Sound
Grimoire Gauntness Decay/Transform Body
Grimoire Ghost Weapon Transform Magic/Necro
Grimoire Glib Tongue Communicate Transform Mind
Grimoire Glitch Decay/Tranform Earth
Grimoire Gloom DecayTransform Light
Grimoire Glow Create/Transform Light
Grimoire Graceful Weapon Move Earth
Grimoire Grease Create Water Transform
Grimoire Great Hallucination Control/Transform Mind
Grimoire Great Shapeshift Control/Transform Body Animal
Grimoire Hair Growth Transform Body
Grimoire Haircut Transform Body
Grimoire Hallucination Control/Transform Mind
Grimoire Hang Spell Control Magic
Grimoire Hardiness Protect Magic / Strengthen Earth/Plant
Grimoire Healing Slumber Heal Body Mind
Grimoire Hide Emotion Control Mind
Grimoire Hide Object Create Gate
Grimoire Hold Breath Control/Transform Body / Create Air
Grimoire Hold Fast Move Body
Grimoire Homunculus Communicate Magic Body
Grimoire Hunger Control/Transform Body / Decay Food
Grimoire Hybrid Control Control Animal
Grimoire Icy Breath Create Water Move
Grimoire Icy Missiles Create Water
Grimoire Icy Touch Create Water
Grimoire Identify Metal Sense Earth
Grimoire Identify Plastic Sense Animal/Plant
Grimoire Images of the Past Sense Time Light
Grimoire Imitate Voice Create Sound
Grimoire Immurement Move Body Plant
Grimoire Increase Burden Create Earth Body
Grimoire Initiative Create Necro Illusion
Grimoire Inscribe Transform Earth
Grimoire Insignificance Control/Transform Mind
Grimoire Instant Neutralize Poison Heal Body Time / Transform Water Time
Grimoire Irradiate Create Fire Magic
Grimoire Jump Move Body
Grimoire Know Location Sense Gate/Earth/Air
Grimoire Know Recipie Sense Earth
Grimoire Know True Shape Sense Mind/Animal
Grimoire Leak Create Gate
Grimoire Lend Power Communicate Body
Grimoire Lend Spell Communicate Magic
Grimoire Lengthen Limb Move Body Gate
Grimoire Light Tread Move Body
Grimoire Lightning Stare Create/Transform Air Magic
Grimoire Lightning Whip Create/Transform Air Magic
Grimoire Long March Move/Heal Body
Grimoire Lure Control Mind/Animal
Grimoire Machine Control Control Earth
Grimoire Machine Possession Communicate Mind Earth
Grimoire Machine Speech Sense Earth Mind Communicate
Grimoire Machine Summoning Communicate Move Earth Mind
Grimoire Mage Light Create Light Magic
Grimoire Magnetic Vision Sense Earth
Grimoire Maintain Spell Transform Magic
Grimoire Malefice Decay Magic
Grimoire Malfunction Decay Earth
Grimoire Manastone Control/Tranform Magic
Grimoire Mapmaker Create Light Mind
Grimoire Materialize Transform Necro
Grimoire Memorize Control Mind
Grimoire Merging Shapeshifting Transform Body
Grimoire Message Create Sound Gate
Grimoire Metal Vision Sense Earth
Grimoire Mirror Transform Earth/Plant
Grimoire Move Terrain Move Earth (Plant)
Grimoire Mud Jet Create Earth Water
Grimoire Musical Scribe Create Sound Light
Grimoire Mystic Mark Create Light Magic
Grimoire Oath Transform Mind
Grimoire One-College Powerstone Control/Transform Magic
Grimoire Partial Petrification Transform Body Earth
Grimoire Partial Shapeshifting Transform Body Animal
Grimoire Penetrating Blade Create Magic Gate
Grimoire Perfume Transform Body
Grimoire Perm. Beast Possession Communicate Mind Animal
Grimoire Perm. Machine Possession Communicate Mind Earth
Grimoire Perm. Shapeshifting Transform Body Animal
Grimoire Phantom Transform Illusion Body
Grimoire Phase Move Body Gate
Grimoire Phase Other Move Body Gate
Grimoire Planar Visit Move Body Gate
Grimoire Plane Shift Move Body Gate
Grimoire Plane Shift Other Move Body Gate
Grimoire Plant Control Control Plant
Grimoire Plant Form Other Transform Body Plant
Grimoire Plant Speech Communicate Plant
Grimoire Plant Vision Sense Plant
Grimoire Plastic Vision Sense Plant/Animal
Grimoire Pollen Cloud Create Plant
Grimoire Prepare Game Transform Animal
Grimoire Presence Communicate Mind Control
Grimoire Preserve Fuel Control/Transform Earth Time
Grimoire Projection Move Mind Gate
Grimoire Propel Move Earth
Grimoire Pull Move Body/Earth
Grimoire Purify Earth Transform Earth Heal
Grimoire Purify Fuel Transform Water Heal
Grimoire Quick-Aim Move Magic
Grimoire Radiation Jet Create Fire Magic
Grimoire Radio Hearing Sense Earth
Grimoire Rain of Acid Create Water Transform Air
Grimoire Rain of Fire Create Fire Air
Grimoire Rain of Ice Daggers Create Water Air
Grimoire Rain of Nuts Create Plant Air
Grimoire Rain of Stones Create Earth Air
Grimoire Rapid Journey Move Body Gate (Time)
Grimoire Rebuild Heal Earth
Grimoire Recall Control/Transform Mind
Grimoire Relfect Gaze Protect Light
Grimoire Reflexes Move/Strengthen Body/Mind
Grimoire Rejuvenate Plant Heal/Strengthen Plant
Grimoire Relieve Addiction Heal/Strengthen Body/Mind
Grimoire Relieve Madness Heal/Strengthen Body/Mind
Grimoire Relieve Paralysis Heal/Strengthen Body/Mind
Grimoire Relieve Sickness Heal/Strengthen Body
Grimoire Remember Path Control/Tranform Mind
Grimoire Remove Aura Decay Mind
Grimoire Remove Reflection Transform/Decay Light
Grimoire Remove Shadow Transform/Create Light
Grimoire Repel Move Body/Earth
Grimoire Repel (Animal) Control Animal
Grimoire Repel Hybrid Control Animal
Grimoire Repel Spirits Control Necro
Grimoire Resist Acid Protect/Decay/Control/Transform Water Magic
Grimoire Resist Disease Protect/Decay/Control/Transform Necro/Body/Decay
Grimoire Resist Lightning Protect/Decay/Control/Transform Air
Grimoire Resist Poison Protect/Decay/Control/Transform Body
Grimoire Resist Radiation Protect/Decay/Control/Transform Fire
Grimoire Resist Sound Protect/Decay/Control/Transform Sound
Grimoire Resist Water Protect/Decay/Control/Transform Water
Grimoire Restore Hearing Heal Body
Grimoire Restore Memory Heal Mind
Grimoire Restore Sight Heal Body
Grimoire Restore Speech Heal Body
Grimoire Retch Control Body
Grimoire Retrogression Sense Mind Time
Grimoire Return Missile Move Magic
Grimoire Reveal Function Sense Time
Grimoire Rive Decay Earth/Plant
Grimoire Rotting Death Decay Body
Grimoire Sanctuary Create Gate Move Time
Grimoire Sandstorm Create Earth
Grimoire Scents of the Past Sense Time Body
Grimoire Schematic Sense Time
Grimoire Scry Gate Sense Gate
Grimoire Scryfool Move Magic Sense
Grimoire Season Transform Food
Grimoire See Radiation Sense Fire
Grimoire Seek Air Sense Air
Grimoire Seek Fire Sense Fire
Grimoire Seek Fuel Sense Water Fire
Grimoire Seek Gate Sense Gate
Grimoire Seek Machine Sense Earth Air
Grimoire Seek Magic Sense Magic
Grimoire Seek Metal Sense Earth
Grimoire Seek Plastic Sense Plant/Animal
Grimoire Seek Power Sense Air/Magic
Grimoire Seek Radiation Sense Fire
Grimoire Sense Observation Sense Mind/Gate
Grimoire Sensitize Control/Transform Body/Animal
Grimoire Shade Control/Transform/Decay Light
Grimoire Shape Light Control/Transform Light
Grimoire Shape Metal Control/Transform Earth
Grimoire Shape Plastic Control/Transform Plant/Animal
Grimoire Share Health Communicate Body
Grimoire Shocking Touch Create Air
Grimoire Shrink Transform Body
Grimoire Shrink Object Transform Earth
Grimoire Shrink Other Transform Body
Grimoire Silver Tongue Control/Transform Body/Mind
Grimoire Simulacrum Create Body Mind
Grimoire Slide Create Water Transform
Grimoire Slow Control Body
Grimoire Slow Fire Decay Fire
Grimoire Slow Healing Decay Body
Grimoire Slow Time Decay Time
Grimoire Small Vision Strengthen Light / Strengthen/Transform Body
Grimoire Smoke Create Fire
Grimoire Snow Jet Create Water Move
Grimoire Soilproof Protect/Transform Earth(other)
Grimoire Solidify Create Body Necro
Grimoire Soul Golem Move Mind
Grimoire Soul Stone Move Mind
Grimoire Spark Cloud Create Air Magic
Grimoire Spark Storm Create Air Magic
Grimoire Spectrum Vision Control Light / Transform Body
Grimoire Spell Stone Control Magic
Grimoire Spell Wall Protect/Control/Transform Magic
Grimoire Spellguard Protect Magic
Grimoire Spider Silk Create Animal Move
Grimoire Spit Acid Create Water Transform Move
Grimoire Steal Attribute Move Body Necro
Grimoire Steal Beauty Move Body Necro
Grimoire Steal Power Move Magic
Grimoire Steal Skill Move Mind Necro
Grimoire Steal Spell Move Mind Necro
Grimoire Steam Jet Create Water Fire Move
Grimoire Steelwraith Move Body Earth Gate
Grimoire Stop Bleeding Control/Transform Body
Grimoire Stop Healing Control/Transform Body
Grimoire Stop Paralysis Control/Transform/Heal Body
Grimoire Stop Power Control/Transform Magic
Grimoire Stop Spasm Control/Transform/Heal Body
Grimoire Storm Create Air Water Move
Grimoire Strengthen Will Strengthen/Heal/Transform Mind
Grimoire Strike Anosmic Control/Transform Body
Grimoire Strike Barren Transform Body
Grimoire Strike Numb Control/Transform Body
Grimoire Summon Minor Demons Move Necro Gate
Grimoire Sunbolt Create Fire Light
Grimoire Sunlight Create Fire Light
Grimoire Suspend Curse Control Magic
Grimoire Suspend Magery Control Magic
Grimoire Suspend Magic Control Magic
Grimoire Suspend Mana Control Magic
Grimoire Suspend Spell Control Magic
Grimoire Suspend Time Control Time
Grimoire Talisman Control Magic
Grimoire Telecast Move Magic (Gate)
Grimoire Tell Position Sense Earth
Grimoire Test Area Sense Earth/Plant
Grimoire Test Fuel Sense Water Fire
Grimoire Thirst Transform Body / Decay Water
Grimoire Throw Spell Move Magic
Grimoire Tickle Control Body
Grimoire Tide Create/Decay Water
Grimoire Time Out Transform Time Gate
Grimoire Timeport Move/Transform Body Time Gate
Grimoire Timeport Other Move/Transform Body Time Gate
Grimoire Timeslip Move/Transform Body Time
Grimoire Timeslip Other Move/Transform Body Time
Grimoire Touch Control Body
Grimoire Toughen Strengthen/Transform Earth
Grimoire Trace Teleport Sense Gate
Grimoire Transform Object Transform (appropriate elements) (appropriate elements)
Grimoire Transparency Transform (appropriate elements) Light
Grimoire Turn Blade Move Magic
Grimoire Turn Spirit Control Necro/Mind
Grimoire Utter Wall Protect Magic
Grimoire Vexation Decay Magic
Grimoire Vigil Heal/Strengthen Body/Mind
Grimoire Walk Through Plants Move Body Plant
Grimoire Walk Through Water Move Body Water
Grimoire Walk Through Wood Move Body Plant
Grimoire Wall of Light Create Light
Grimoire Wall of Lightning Create Air Magic
Grimoire Wall of Wind Create Air
Grimoire Warm Create Fire
Grimoire Warmth Create Fire
Grimoire Water to Fuel Transform Water Fire
Grimoire Waves Control/Create/Transform Water
Grimoire Weaken Blood Decay/Transform Body/Animal
Grimoire Weaken Will Decay/Transform Mind
Grimoire Weapon Self Move Mind Magic
Grimoire Weapon Spirit Move Necro Magic
Grimoire Whirlpool Control/Decay Water
Grimoire Wind Create/Move Air
Grimoire Wizard Hand Sense Body
Grimoire Wizard Mouth Sense Body
Grimoire Wizard Nose Sense Body
Grimoire Zombie Summoning Communicate Necro
Technomancer Puirify Signal Heal Air
Technomancer Static Charge Create/Transform Air/Magic
Technomancer Accelerate Pregnancy Heal/Strengthen Body
Technomancer Ether Static Transform Air/Magic
Technomancer Seek Emitter Sense Air/Magic
Technomancer Partial Mechamorphosis Transform Body Metal
Technomancer Delete Commercials Heal/Stregthen Magic
Technomancer Seek Number Sense Air/Magic
Technomancer Borrow Number Control/Transform Air/Light/Magic
Technomancer Wrong Number Protect/Control Magic
Technomancer Identify Caller Sense Mind
Technomancer Magic Switchboard Sense Mind Control Air Earth
Technomancer Speed Data Strengthen/Control Air/Earth
Technomancer Broadcast Spell Move Magic
Technomancer Spellprocessor Create Magic Earth
Technomancer Create Virus Create Necro
Technomancer Create Chimera Transform Body/Animal
Technomancer Spellgraft Create/Transform Magic Body
Technomancer Video Entity Transform Illusion Create Body
Technomancer Electric Power Transform Body Magic
Technomancer Soulburner Gestalt Create/Control Magic Necro
Technomancer Mana Warhead Move/Transform Magic
Technomancer Spell Targeting Control Magic
Technomancer High-Explosive Fireball Create Fire Move Transform
Technomancer Shaped-Charge Fireball Create Fire Move Decay Earth
Technomancer Detonate Control/Transform Fire
Technomancer Mass Detonate Control/Transform Fire Communicate/Gate
Technomancer Guns to Butter Transform Earth/Plant/Animal
Technomancer Sense Disease Sense Necro/Body
Technomancer Ease Labor Heal/Strengthen Body
Technomancer Remove Fetus Move Body
Technomancer Transfer Pregnancy Move Body
Technomancer Necrovision Sense Time Mind
Technomancer Analyze Genetics Sense Body
Technomancer Televisionomancy Sense Time
Technomancer Infrared Flash Create Light
Technomancer Small Vision Strengthen Light / Transform Body
Technomancer Coherant Light Jet Create Light
Technomancer Sunbolt Create Light Fire
Technomancer Disruption Bolt Create Air Magic
Technomancer Invisible Sunbolt Create Light Fire Magic
Technomancer Immediate Action Heal/Decay Earth
Technomancer Game Addict Create Magic Control/Transform Mind
Technomancer Homing Missile Control Magic Sense Move
Technomancer Hail of Lead Move Earth Control
Technomancer Reduce Recoil Move Earth / Move/Strengthen/Transform Body
Technomancer Magic Bullet Create Earth Sense
Technomancer Steady Hand Move/Strengthen Body/Mind
Technomancer Hellspawn Create/Move Necro (Gate)
Technomancer Blind Sensor Transform Light Earth
Technomancer Spoof Sensor Transform Light Earth
Technomancer Prismatic Mist Area Control/Protect/Transform Light
Technomancer Volume Control Create/Transform Sound
Technomancer Sequence DNA Sense Body
Technomancer Manipulate DNA Control/Transform Body
Technomancer Hotshot Create/Transform/Strengthen Fire
Technomancer Purify Power Create/Transform/Strengthen Fire/Air/Magic
Technomancer Program Create/Transform Earth/Air
Technomancer Guide Missile Control/Move Earth Magic
Technomancer Confound Firearm Control/Transform Earth
Technomancer Upgrade Computer Strengthen Air/Earth
Technomancer Mad Machine Move Necro Earth
Technomancer Permanent Machine Possession Move Mind Earth
Technomancer Particle Beam Create Fire Magic Move
Technomancer Elemental Plumbing Control Mind Water Magic