Proposed Games:
# RPGFormatTech LevelCharacter Point Values Description
0 GURPSIn Nomine (Anime) meets Voodoo 8Angel + 100-40 Cute angels, big guns and mischeievious spirits.
1 GURPSIn Nomine (Anime) 8Angel + 100-40 Cute angels and big guns. Think the Matrix.
2 GURPSIOU - In Nomine (Anime) 9 Angel + 100-40 As above, but wierder, and will have to deal with high tech, magic and psi.
3 GURPSIOU - Supers 9+200-80 When your roommate is a small god, and your brother is a flying cat...
4 GURPSIOU - Harry Potter 9 100-40 Start here: Replace the Meta-physics department with Hogwart's and Be Afraid...
5 GURPSHarry Potter Muggle 8, Mages 5-6 Basic Mage + 100-40 The staple HP universe, but not directly involving the main characters of the HP books.
6 GURPSYrth 4 (no gunpowder)100-40 Typical fantasy, with mysteries and mainly town adventures.
7 GURPSYrth - G:Mage the A. 4100-40 I just read "Return of the Archmages" (Forgotten Realms Novel)...
8 GURPSPrime Directive 10Starfleet + 100-40 Trekking the TNG setting, anyone?
9 GURPSTranshuman Space 9100-40 I can't tell you.
10 GURPSEgyptian 3100-40 Light-tech, perhaps . (Other than Magic and gods)
11 GURPSOz 6, only <=3 public 100-40 Over the rainbow, but not quite what you expect. Magic or man-size steampunk clockworks allowed (not both in the same character).
12 GURPSMecha in the Engel setting9-10, commoners:3Engel + 100-40 Be afraid. Mecha, set in the Engel setting, with some hints from War Against the Chtorr. Mecha will still not be enough to stand against the Dreamseed.
13 BESMCute & Fuzzy Siezure MonstersEquiv. to TL825 + 1×25monster Light Supers with a twist.
14 Toon In Nomine AnimeModernStandard +2 Parse this if you can...
15 GURPS or BESMChrono Crusade Tank Police6^/6 or 10^/10150 Tanks that fire mystical bullets. PCs are humans, fighting agents of darkness. Tanks cannot enter buildings and not all foes can be stopped with mere ammunition.
16 GURPS or BESMClass of the Titans Pantheon High8 with loaned toys250 PCs are young demigods who do not know all their powers. Through effort and courage, they may rise to shine with their parents.
Options: Single Mythos: Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Japanese; or All of the above together.
17 GURPS or BESMI.C.O.N.8 or 8^150 or 250 Sentinels hunt for strange things in the world. Tains are trained to go bust those that don't leave peacefully. Think of an interdimensional MiB.
18 GURPSTranselven Space4+6^200 or 250 Ships sail the space between stars, and magic powers travel.
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