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House Rules

  1. Every session that a character successfully resists a disadvantage, they must spend one character point gained that session to pay off that disadvantage.
  2. All skllls based on a certain stat may be lowered by one level if it will free enough points to buy progression to the next level of that attribute (default = 2x progression). (e.g. Person "A" has IQ12, and lowering all thier IQ-based skills by 1 gains 19cp. Spending 1 earned cp will allow them to upgrade to IQ13.)
  3. "Hobby" skills characters take give a flat +1 instead of doubling invested points.(3e)
  4. Magery 0 is available for 5cp.(3e)
  5. In Traveller, FTL travel is (nearly) instantaneous from the POV of those within the vessels.

Board Games:

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